Protecting VIPs and Privacy

In September 2013 the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and her Defence Minister were attending a campaign event in Dresden, Germany when a political activist flew a Parrot AR drone within a few meters of them. Thankfully this was only a publicity stunt and no-one was harmed but this incident shows how woefully underprepared Merkel’s Close Protection team were for the drone threat.

By using a Drone Defence Net Gun X1 the security officials could have regained control of the situation by bringing the drone to the ground with a capture net. They then have the opportunity to exploit the captured device for forensic evidence. 

If explosives are being carried by a drone then meters matter. Bringing the drone to the ground at only 10m out dramatically reduces the impact of the blast and increases survivability.   

Drone Defence can train security and law enforcement operatives on how to deal with an unwanted drone. We can also provide persistent detection equipment and device to interdict a drone in flight.  
Drone flying near Mrs Merkel

Drone Defence Could Help Preserve Intellectual Property

Due to the damage it does to a company’s reputation and shareholder confidence you don’t find these stories in the mainstream news but drones are now being used to to circumnavigate physical security measures and steal sensitive information from big business. Zoom cameras, microphones, GPS jammers and data sniffers are some of the weapons in the arsenal that are capable of being carried by a drone.

Drone Defence can help Physical Security managers mitigate this threat. The first stage is to commission a thorough assessment and receive our D.I.R.E.C.T. Action Plan report. In it we will advise you on the actual threat and the most suitable detection and interdiction methods to combat it. The assessment report is a must for businesses who are serious about security.
Drone stealing secrets from business
Drone flying into prison

Drone Defence Could Help Protect Prisons From Unwanted Drones

Drones are being used on a weekly basis to deliver drugs, mobile phones, weapons and other contraband into prisons across the UK. Since 2013 the reported number of incidents has increased dramatically across the country and the problem is now getting to epidemic proportions.

“A £20 bag of Heroin is worth £100 
on the inside. A smartphone will sell 
for between £800 and £1000."

When criminals can make this much money and have little chance of being caught you can see when they are happy to fly small drones over the permitter fence into a prison.

Drone Defence can help prevent unwanted drone incursions into prisons. After conducting a thorough risk assessment our D.I.R.E.C.T. Action Plan can be used by the authorities to Detect, Interdict & Respond to a drone incursion. We have the latest detection devices and the Net Gun X1 can be used to control a rogue drone.
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