Small, commercially available drones or UAVs are already being used by criminals to infiltrate prisons, steal intellectual property from businesses and invade peoples' privacy. Easy to control and readily available drones are becoming the tool of choice for those wishing to do harm. It is time to take action and protect yourself from this new threat.
Drone in Target
"Drones are causing increased concern and pose a real threat to public safety in addition to its security. Their capability to do harm is only limited by the individuals' imagination, the Association and its members recognise that in the wrong hands, to the determined individual they are a menace. 

Technology advancement in airframe and propulsion system design now mean it is possible to build very small inexpensive drones which are easily operated by simple interfaces. The threat is not the drone itself, it’s the challenge of responding to them."

Daren Wood, Membership & Export Services Manager
British Security Industry Association (BSIA)

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